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Hall’s aluminum conservatory roof system provides an engineered solution to your bespoke glass building or custom made, hand finished aluminum conservatory. We provide a variety of services including leak-free and secure installations.

Conservatory Replacement Roof

Hall’s aluminium conservatory roof system offers the solution for bespoke glass buildings, orangery roof systems and aluminium conservatories of distinction. We specialise in creating custom made, hand finished conservatory roofs which offer an engineered solution to your roofing requirements.

From the most traditional conservatory through to striking designs for the most contemporary orangery systems, atriums and glasshouses we can bring any project to life.

Using the patented roof system we can realise intricate designs and fantastic detailing on your behalf.

Whether it’s a timber or uPVC conservatory, there are many conservatories that are in need of a new roof rather than a whole replacement conservatory.

We all like the idea of a complete new conservatory, but at Hall’s Conservatory Centre we realise that the upheaval and cost of a total rebuild are not always necessary or affordable.

If you have a problem with your old conservatory roof or just think your conservatory roof needs a makeover, feel free to ring us and we will send one of our experts along to take a look.

Hall's Service

You can find a wide range of conservatories that will suit both your needs and decor requirements with us at Hall’s. Our service covers the following areas: Basildon, Southend, Chelmsford, Brentwood, Billericay and Grays; as well as Conservatory Replacement – UPVC Windows.

The roof is the most important structural element of a conservatory, providing strength, stability and ventilation. Roofs are also the part that endures the most punishment from the elements.

In some cases it may be prudent to replace the whole conservatory roof, as doing so may eliminate other problems inherant in older, inferior products.

Replacement roofs are made to fit the existing frames and walls, so there is no need for the additional costs and inconvenience of frame and building work. Replacing a roof also provides an opportunity to change the style of roof, which could bring a totally new look to your conservatory.

Where problems with the conservatory frames exist, then these too could be replaced. Doing so could provide a more solid structure using quality, energy efficient, serviceable components. This may provide an opportunity to upgrade to glass roof glazing, should the existing frames have not offered adequate support.

Replacement roof and frames would make use of the existing base and walls and not require any ground or building work.

Where an existing timber or uPVC conservatory is to be replaced, Halls can take down and dispose of the existing structure. What’s more, you can be confident that we will do so safely and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our conservatories feature a high-insulating roofing system that ensure maximum heat retention and light diffusion. This means you can enjoy your new space all year round Conservatory UPVC Window & Roof Replacement

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The tranquility you crave is waiting for you with our services.

Hall’s Conservatory Centre was established at the beginning of 2003 and we pride ourselves at offering only the better end of the market products, but being local and a family business, based in Billericay, we do this with good value for your money in mind.

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