Conservatory Planning Process

We will help you with this project from start to finish. If a permission is required, work won’t be able to commence until it’s granted at the least. You can rest assured that you’re doing things in the right way though, as we’ll provide guidance and support throughout the process.

Hall's Conservatory Planning Process

Surveyed With Detail

On completion of an order, we will then carry out a detailed survey to ensure the path we take is pleasant adventure for you to look forward to. We will provide 3D drawings for you to be sure we are creating the right look for you home. It is important by this stage (if required) that you have or are in the process of gaining planning permission.

If you have a terraced or semi detached property you can extend to 3m from the house wall, 4m for a detached, other regulation do apply, if you exceed this, you will require planning permission.

Helping you with planning permission:

If your conservatory is in need of planning permission we will endeavour to help you with this from start to finish, while work will not be able to commence until the permission is granted at least your have the peace of mind that your doing this project in the correct manner.

Please remember that you the house owner is responsible to make sure you have the correct permission to build on your property, so let’s build the conservatory once, the correct way for total satisfaction.

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Planning permission for conservatories

One of the most common questions we get asked is, do you need planning permission for conservatories in Essex and London? Local planning laws vary but the good news is that Halls Conservatory Centre can provide help with all aspects of getting a new conservatory approved.

This includes providing Essex and London homeowners with advice on conservatory Building Regulations.

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